Advertising Agency Agreement India

In addition to the details mentioned above, the agreement may contain details of jurisdiction, applicable laws, force majeure and more, in order to avoid litigation in the future. (ii) La commission de l`Agence de publicité extérieure sera le tarif standard admissible pour les agences de publicité lorsque cette phrase est sous ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Le budget de la société pour la publicité est Rs . …………….. and the company agrees and undertakes to obtain the advertising of its products through the Agency. 15. In the event of termination of the contract, all promotional material held by the Agency is immediately returned to the company and is not used by the Agency for other purposes or persons. 19. The company must insure the agency with sufficient resources to pay the expected advertising costs. It is possible to mention who is for whom for the purposes of the agreement, as well as the acceptance by the other party to enter into a contract. JETZT, THEREFORE, unter Berücksichtigung der darin enthaltenen gegenseitigen Vereinbarungen und Vereinbarungen vereinbaren die Parteien hierzu: A. Agentur erhält einen Betrag in Höhe von ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ und ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________der Kosten der Anbieter von Dienstleistungen oder Immobilien, wie Fertigkunst, umfassende Layouts, Typzusammensetzung, Fotostats, Gravuren, Druck-, Radio- und Fernsehprogramme, Talente, literarische, dramatische und musikalische Werke, Aufzeichnungen und les exhibits purchased by the Agency on the authorization of one of its members for the duration of this agreement; 5.

The Agency is responsible for advertising these products in India and other countries of the world, wherever these products are exported or where the company proposes to export its products.