End User License Agreement Kaspersky

At first glance, this seems to be a good move, but in reality it is not an alleged activity. To understand why, it is important to know a little how antivirus software works. When you download antivirus software and click on the end-user`s very long license agreement, you agree to give this software access to all files on your computer and all files sent to and from your computer. This is necessary for antivirus software to scan these files on code or malware used by criminals or other hackers, and to protect you from them. You also agree to allow the antivirus provider to update the software on your computer, which is required to track the latest malware. Finally, you agree to have antivirus software files of interest transferred to the antivirus provider so they can analyze new malware and improve their ability to recognize and protect you and other users. All this makes perfect sense for legitimate anti-virus companies, but it is also a potential gold mine when abused. Instead of searching for malware signatures, the software can be tasked with searching for things like “secret” or “confidential” or “owner,” literally anything the vendor wants. All files of interest can be removed from headquarters under the pretext of analyzing potential malware. It is treated to recognize legitimate users. This data is necessary to maintain communication between the kaspersky Lab product and services – send and receive databases produced, updated, etc. 4.

Technical support 4.1. The technical assistance described in paragraph 2.7 of this Contract is made available to you when the last software update (with the exception of a test version of the software) is installed in accordance with the rules of technical assistance. Technical support and its rules are available at: support.kaspersky.com. 4.2. User data in The Personal User Account/My Kaspersky Account can only be used by technical support specialists when processing user requests. Ensure the execution of a contract with users and ensure the necessary performance of products and services to customers. Transmitting the object to users before the information is used for the first time for new purposes; 2. Licensing 2.1. You will receive a non-exclusive license to record, load, install, execute and display the software on a number of computers to protect your computer on which the Software is installed from the threats described in the user`s manual, in accordance with all the technical requirements described in the User Manual and under the terms of this Agreement (the “License”) and accept this license: Version.