Football Pitch Hire Agreement

The service provider reserves the right to cancel all bookings and refuse to use a parking space in case of fault or illegal use. To qualify for our previously mentioned “regular rate,” the tenant must follow the following rules. 1.1 You confirm that you are entitled to enter into this agreement on behalf of your club, and you are the manager and a member of your club and you also assume personal legal responsibility for any breach on the part of a member of your club and/or a participant to comply with it, including the payment of the sums due under this Agreement. 1.2 You confirm that your contact information is correct and that you will communicate in writing if they change, and that any notification to your club can be made via the email address and/or phone number you provide and that: when a message is sent to that email address -email and/or that an SMS and/or address or other message sent to this phone number was received by your club (even if it was not received), as follows: 1.2.1 on the day it was sent if it was sent before 6 p.m.; or 1.2.1 the next day, if they are sent after 6 p.m. 1.3 You agree that any credit or debit card data you provide to pay for parking rentals under this agreement can be registered by our services, so that any payments that are due under this Agreement and that have not been paid by your Club can be debited from that credit or debit card. 1.4 You and your club teammates must purchase your own insurance to cover any accidents or injuries that occur during play in leagues, as we do NOT offer insurance for accidents or injuries that may occur. You agree to inform your club members and participants before allowing them to use the locations rented under this Agreement. 1.5 You agree to provide each member of your club and participant with a copy of this agreement and ensure that they have read, understood and accepted their terms. 5.1 We may assign to an individual the performance of our obligations under this Agreement without notice. To the extent that we grant our obligations under this agreement, we are not responsible for any act or omission of the subcontractor. 5.2 This contract cannot be transferred from your club without our prior written consent. We can cede this agreement to anyone. 5.3 We are not responsible for the losses or damage caused by the performance or non-compliance of any of our obligations, even if this is caused by a cause that is outside our proper control, including, but not only, to an action of God, War, civil disturbances, inevitable floods, outages or neglect of utilities providing electricity, gas or water, unavailability or prevention of access to premises, by-laws, prohibitions or orders of any kind, a strike, lockout or commercial dispute (whether with the participation of our own employees, employees or another person), difficulties in obtaining staff or equipment , machinery, fire or loss of premises.