Telework Agreement (Form Calhr 895)

A good telework program facilitates limited temporary obligations, increases the state`s ability to respond to emergencies, strengthens the effective use of new technologies in the public service, and improves the work ethic of staff, increasing work efficiency. Agencies participating in the state telework program are responsible for setting their own specific program guidelines and procedures. Telework must be adapted to the environment in which it is operated. The Statute orders agencies to review their activities and implement telework programs in areas where they have identified telework as both practical and useful. How much of the work is devoted to personal contact with other agencies, the public or internal staff? Can this contact be structured to allow communication by phone or computer or grouped in non-telework days, or can alternatives be put in place to provide this contact on telework days? Is the individual already working on information tasks such as thinking, planning, coordination, writing, reading, analytics, teleconferencing, computer programming, word processing or data entry? Can the tasks that can be completed be grouped and programmed for telework days? Can staff meetings and conferences be grouped and scheduled for non-teleworked days or in some other way (e.g., teleconferences. B)? For agencies that do not currently have a formal telework program, this document can be used as a model to create a specific program. This pilot program is designed to help agencies implement a comprehensive and formal program and meet the requirements of the state and bargaining units. This model program (guidelines and procedures), which is used as a model, has been reviewed by both the California Department of Human Resources (CalHR) and negotiating groups for use by public authorities in the development of a telework program. Changes to the proposal, which are not ministerial, must be approved by the Agency`s negotiating groups and calHR. What part of the task depends on access to photocopiers, fax machines or other specialized devices? Can access be possible so that teleworkers can be met on non-telework days or can these needs be met at an establishment near the employee`s telework office? To assist public authorities in developing formal telework programs, the state has developed a program model called The Telework Program Policy and Procedures (2010 Statewide Telework Model Program) that recommends the use of agencies.