Balpa Ba Agreement

CAE, BALPA and Unite the Union have jointly signed an agreement paving the way for the recognition of trade unions in a new UK airlock base. This was the second sale in a few weeks negotiated by BALPA. At the beginning of July, he reached an agreement with Ryanair, which provides for a 20% reduction in his salary. This agreement also obliged pilots to relax work and leave regimes. Again, the shortfall is expected to be gradually restored over the next four years. Balpa justified the agreement by the fact that 260 pilot positions had been saved. However, 70 pilot positions are at risk if Ryanair advances plans to close its bases in Leeds/Bradford, Prestwick, Bournemouth and Southend. The British Airline Pilots` Association presented today (Friday 19 According to a statement by Eddie Wilson of Ryanair that the airline has signed a seniority agreement and basic transfer agreement with BALPA. Head for Points reports a preliminary agreement between British Airways management and the pilots` union (BALPA) that would significantly reduce the number of redundancies. The company initially scared the firing of about a quarter of its pilots (1,080 out of a total of 4,300), but that number has now been reduced.

It has not emerged from what is reported in the press that other groups of workers want to take the same approach and play hardball of their union bosses. It`s a dangerous game, and I`m afraid the staff will end up at the short end of the stock. British Airways doesn`t have much to lose and I`m willing to bet that if a strike is declared threatened, Willie Walsh and Alex Cruz will fire everyone according to their prepared “fire and reintegration” strategy. Until that date, the pilots will have the dry ink in accordance with their agreement. BALPA has secured a recognition agreement with CAE Crewing Services to represent the company`s British pilots. When British Airways and the pilots` union BALPA announced an agreement to minimise the obligation to dismiss, BALPA looked like the adults in the room. From an outside perspective, British Airways` preliminary agreement with the pilots seems fair. Pilots who stay with the company will benefit from a fairly significant temporary pay cut, but some of them will lead to maintaining a pool of 300 pilots on the payroll without actually flying. This new agreement will lead active pilots to make considerable concessions: a BA spokesman said in a statement: “We have reached an agreement with our Pilots` Union Balpa and we confirm that Balpa is now electing its members.

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