Distributor`s Assumption Agreement

Paddy and Daniel; Everything can be okay as long as the distributor takes care of the residual materials, but small distributors will try to burn you every time you shoot. The big problem is that they simply changed the default agreement for the ULB agreement. I can see SAG`s problems with the studios. Given their “accounting methods,” a movie can make $300 million in profits, but studios say they`re still in the red. So SAG said, go fuck you. Raw residues are taken. A position that is quite understandable. There are a lot of fakes with SAG of the pov actors and the POV of the producer. You do not understand this new paradigm. They are used to television and large feature film productions.

And for these things, the treaty works widely. It`s the same with the WGA. Most of the members are tv show writers. And for them, the WGA contract works well. It doesn`t work well for feature film writers. Daniel, you`re right. Especially if you are a “single gauge”. You don`t have a production list of 3 movies a year, but you managed to make a movie.

Distributors know this. They will tell you: Yes, we screwed you. So sue us. You know you don`t have the money to sue them, so they don`t have an incentive to act honorably. That`s why SAG is so ruthless. A merchant may accept arrears, but making them pay is another story. SAG makes no difference between Nena and a distributor who screwed it in before. But knowing why SAG acts the way they do doesn`t make things any easier for us little people. I have no problem paying for leftovers.. .