Essential Agreement Ib

In a PYP school, each working group (teacher or student) begins to create an “essential agreement”. In the classroom, this means that teachers do not impose rules, but everyone works together to reach an agreement on how the classroom works. What I noticed is that despite the title, many class agreements are still rule lists. Do a quick Google image search for “class rules” and “classroom chords” (or “essential chords,” as they`re called in the PYP) and see if you`re a little surprised. Learner profile posters are indispensable as they describe the characteristics of a learner, and as we do every day, it is important that children are able to see the language of the learner profile and have the posters under our noses, as we constantly refer to these learning characteristics. Each unit of study focuses on specific characteristics of the learner`s profile, with the parameters integrated into the descriptors. Check your planners to find out what the focus is for everyone. I like to show a big red arrow, greasy, on the features (and key concepts) that are our focus for each unit. Another blog post I recently created is about my favorite books to boost the learner`s profile. You can link to this post here. […] an essential agreement was reached in our classroom.

He focused on two areas: how we treat each other and how we […] Essential Agreements are essentially a list of agreements that are important for balance in our classroom. They essentially consist of good attitudes, reinforce the characteristics of the learning profile and are simply essential for a respectful and fluid environment. They are expected to stay awake all year round for everyone to see. You can of course complete and adapt them if the possibilities arise. But for the most part, you want those babies to get up and up in that first month. This is essential. […] Time, but it is a delicate and important process in our attempt to understand each other. This blog from the IB website is a great resource for those interested in formulating essential agreements […] I really like that the focus is not on the rules, but on an essential agreement that reflects the collective values and behaviors that classes want to have, such as their learning environment.