Self Pay Patient Agreement

Set up the office in such a way that it accepts both cash and credit payments, as patients are responsible for filling their own supplements anyway. When you keep these numbers in mind, it`s not hard to see why doctors are hesitating. The activation of auto-payers seems to be a recipe for disaster for the functioning of any health organization. However, there are effective ways to ensure that there is a perfect payment plan to avoid the loss scenarios mentioned above. Many self-payers choose to pay out of pocket because they don`t have health insurance. Check their statements carefully to verify any previous health care they can use. Also, most self-paying patients don`t stay the same over time. They could opt for a health insurance program, because they could probably afford health care now. As you can see in the meantime, payers have a bad reputation in the healthcare sector. But they are also human beings and they need health care. Service providers can ensure flexible payment options and clearly communicated payment rules to ensure that patients receive the care they need and that providers are paid for the services provided. Providers can indicate in their guidelines that payment is due when services are provided, thus automatically setting a deadline for payment of fees.

It is estimated that about 81 percent of the revenue generated by patients is never really recovered when they are paid themselves. In addition, nearly 30% of patients are expected to be late on their bills. Doctor Matrix Medical Group has provided you with the fees in advance for the services you have requested. Your continued use of our website represents your consent, you agree to pay these fees in full as a self-paying patient and you decide not to use any insurance benefit. You have the choice between different services and their cost. You have selected the services and are ready to take full financial responsibility for the payment. But first, let`s understand the reason for the reluctance of so many doctors to accept self-paying patients. The Doctor Matrix Medical Group strives to provide optimal quality health services. We do not participate in insurance plans, including Medicare or Medicaid, and we do not accept any health insurance. Our services are paid for 100% by our patients themselves. By signing this form, you acknowledge that: 1) you do not have health insurance through a PPO, HMO, Medicaid or Medicare or any other insurance plan; or 2) you are covered by health insurance, but you do not wish to benefit from an insurance benefit for these services, as Doctor Matrix Medical Group does not accept health insurance. .

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