Fine Ferns

Wow, it is Friday again already. We are off shortly to join our local version of the 350 Vigil in support of progress on climate change in Copenhagen. Many of you, my friends, will be doing the same right now, as well as thousands of people all over the world. That’s nice to think of.


When I designed the masthead for this Journal, I decided to make a new one for my recently-updated website  – to match. That’s it above. I picked ferns for the visual, because they are all around me up north here. And because I admire them.

Designers have to love ferns. They’re so darn symmetrical.

This week’s Visual is this simple fern collage.


The photo of the wonderful field of ferns above could have been taken on our property but I will be honest and tell you I took it in beautiful Cape Breton.


I recently put the fern to work on a design to be printed on a recyclable leaf bag (the sort that city people collect leaves in and put out for pick up for composting). It was to be sold in fundraising for Nature Conservancy Canada, a group dedicated to preserving wilderness. Here it is.

Illustration, Nature Conservancy of Canada

Illustration, Nature Conservancy of Canada

I would like to have a nice leaf bag like this. But I would not like to have to pick up all the fallen leaves on our land. Good thing they return to nature on their own.

Dear Powers-that-be-in-Copenhagen: Remember the ferns too please.

See you next week.

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